Understanding the Differences between Online Poker and Live Poker

While the differences between online poker and live poker may seem obvious to some people, there are a few nuances that people tend to miss that could be used to their advantage in either case. Playing online versus in real life is a different ballgame altogether, and it is important to understand these differences in order to be able to win big at a real or digital table. The first primary difference is that the internet version of the game is fast-paced and players typically do not have a long time to make choices or think things through. This is good news for some, but it could certainly hurt the strategic player.

Another thing to consider is that many strategies simply go out the window when playing the internet version. Rather than playing through an actual 'shoe' of four, six or even eight decks, the digital cards are reshuffled after each hand and dealt to the players with the help of what is known as a random number generator. For those who like to count cards - even with a simple system - this makes things impossible. Of course, it is still possible for players to remember their outs to an extent and this can help with the odds somewhat, but it will never be as effective online. This is one of the biggest differences between online poker and live poker.

Finally, the last of the major differences between online poker and live poker is the inability to see the opponents' faces as they receive cards and make decisions. Now, for someone who hasn't perfected the art of the poker face, this could be somewhat beneficial. However, for the naïve player, it is also much easier to be bluffed out of a mid-sized pot when they cannot see their opponent's face. There are certain 'tells' that almost every player has - even the pros - and these are all masked via the internet. There are some strategies available online to combat this missing information, though, so anyone who wants to make a hobby out of real money internet games should be sure to do their research and then perhaps check out Winner Casino as a great place to enjoy this pastime.