Understand that Gambling Is No joke

The increased popularity of online gaming comes down to the fact that it is something people in Canada and elsewhere enjoy doing. However, responsible gaming, like many other activities, can only be achieved when sensible control measures are in place and gambling venues have a key role to play in this. Safe practices in online gaming include regulatory licensing and oversight, checks on players' age and possible criminal background, supporting players with a gambling addiction, and, above all, fair gaming practice.

Venues like Casino Bellini place safe practices at the center of their business. The players are guided in their gaming behavior and have their systems checked regularly by independent quality assessors. Transparency is the key with the assessors' results freely available to members. With hard-earned money involved, security is another key factor and regular independent checks are made, again on a transparent basis. With every play scrupulously tracked, players can view their personal history to accurately monitor performance while checking on the venue's fairness. The venue must comply with international law by undertaking rigorous checks to exclude players under the age of 18 as well as excluding criminals from playing on the site. The Casino Bellini gaming site clearly displays a logo indicating the requirement to be aged over 18. It also provides parents with several alerts about useful software programs designed to exclude under age participation, e.g. NetNanny. However, nothing ensures safe online gaming like proper licensing and regulation.

Casino Bellini is licensed by the Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission, an international authority in this field. It works on four central principles. First, license holders are suitable to be trusted with a license. Second, that their software concerned with setting the odds satisfies international standards for fairness. Third, the license holders' systems are not involved in any criminal activity. Finally, players receive fair treatment, especially when it comes to being paid winnings. The site is also independently checked by Gaming Laboratories International. Finally, it displays links to Gamblers Anonymous for anyone suffering from addictive gambling as well as providing support and advice.