The Correlation between Spread Bets and Tennis Odds

When it comes to understanding tennis odds, you can remember that this is much like any other sport in that the odds may be shown in three different ways depending upon your location and your chosen bookmaker. While the moneyline is a simple way to wager in that you simply decide which of the two contenders will win the match, the spread is a better way to go since it gives you an opportunity to win more money if you are willing to do your research first.

The spread is important not only to tennis betting, but to any other type of gambling on sporting events and races, as well. Essentially, the purpose of the spread is to provide an opportunity for you to place a stake on either contender when the wager would otherwise be lopsided. For instance, if one of the players is slated to beat the other one significantly due to skill, then it is likely that no one would bet on that match because wagering on the favorite wouldn't be very profitable while putting money on the underdog would just be stupid. A spread assigns a handicap to the favorite so that you can place a stake on either and have a decent chance to win. For instance, you can wager on the underdog who has a better chance at getting you a payout since the favorite has been handicapped. Your pick may only have to lose by one or two points in order to produce a payout.

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